IELTS Writing for the writing section of IELTS gives you 330 sample essays and definition of words which used in them. This app allows you to effectively express yourself in standard English writing, and to score your very best on the test.

* English definition of words

* Synonyms and Pronunciations

* Search in Essays

* Ability of rating essays

* Set words as favorite and add them to flashcards

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TOEFL Writing Essays (Questions and Examples)

For the Independent Writing task, you’re receiving a question on a particular topic or issue. You’ll have 30 minutes to plan and write a response to that topic that explains your opinion on it. You’ll need to give reasons that support your decision. It’s recommended that your response to this task be at least 300 words. So we provide 185 essay topics which each essay has several standard sample answers. Students actually don’t know how to brainstorm and use their time and brain in this task. To solve this problem “TOEFL Writing” app comes here. Study a huge variety of topics and samples and get ideas from them.

Score Conversion

TOEFL Writing score is between 0 to 5, by analyzing the “TOEFL iBT Scores” document, we created a chart for estimating your scaled, adjusted score for TOEFL Writing. Use the provided table to convert your score to the necessary 30-point scale.

Bookmark Essays and Words

The app lets you bookmark useful essays and vocabularies so that you can easily go back to specific content.

TOEFL Rubrics

You’ll be graded on how well you develop your ideas, how well your essay is organized, and how accurately you use English to express your ideas. This section gives you the exact information about getting a good score.

Word List of Essay

Lots of vocabulary to learn and use in your writing essays. We extract important words of each essay sample and provide comprehensive meaning for them so you can easily improve your writing by using them.

Night Mode

There are many benefits of using Night Mode:
• Improved Readability of Text
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• Less Blue Light
• Less Prone to Triggering Photophobia
• Can Save Small Amounts of Electric


450 Sample answers

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185 Question topics

TOEFL Rubrics

Bookmark words & Essays

Night Mode

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Word List of Essay

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